Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

Is your metal roof affected by cut edge corrosion? If the answer is yes, then we can help.


Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment: What is it?

On a profiled metal roof, sheet laps and sheet ends can suffer from cut edge corrosion. Roof sheets are pre-finished, manufactured and cut suit the layout of a building. And corrosion is at its most severe at the sheet edge.

Most of the time the corrosion happens on roofs. It occurs where the coating delaminates and peels back from the edge of the sheet, due to weathering.

If the exposed metal is left untreated, over time, the sheet will corrode and become perforated.

When ignored, coating peel back is inevitable on any metal roof. Remember any manufacturer’s roof sheet warranty will usually exclude corrosion.

That’s why it’s vital you treat cut edge corrosion as soon as possible. As if you don’t, the only suitable method of repair will be replacing the roof sheets.

Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment: How Do You Treat It?

First, we assess and inspect the issue to identify the degree of corrosion. Next, we prepare the surface and high-pressure wash the area needing treating. Then we remove any corrosion through hand-grinding and applying mastic to seal the overlaps. To finish, we re-coat the sheets with a basecoat and a topcoat.

Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment: Get In Touch

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