GRP Gratings

Here at Architectural Coating, we specialise in GRP grating systems.


At Architectural Coating we provide GRP grating made from fibreglass throughout the UK. Our GRP floor gratings have demonstrated their reliability time after time. For many of our clients, they are the best anti-slip solution.

Why use GRP grating?

GRP grating is a cost-effective option for traditional grating materials. Our GRP is nonslip. The grating provides exceptional adhesion in icy and wet conditions.

Our grating systems also come in several resin finishes. These finishes are excellent for fire resistance.

GRP grating is:

• safe
• lighter, cheaper and more enduring than steel gratings
• anti-slip
• ideal for floors and walkways

How does GRP grating work?

We reinforce GRP gratings fibreglass strands, which we immerse in unsaturated polyester resin. Doing this provides outstanding bi-directional strength. GRP gratings offer a strength-to-weight ratio that exceeds its metal equivalents.

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